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TRIA.os is a game based off of Flood Escape 2 created by the TRIA team, mostly comprised of former FE2 community map creators. It is quite similar to as it holds many maps from creators like Enszo, Supermstarrobloxian, Ethan76167, Floodizized, Jullakorn_Liam, GlowyUmbreon, I_zcy, iiExoticSlayer, 0xit, and other various TRIA Team members.

About TRIA.os[]

TRIA.os is a new FE2CM-fan game by the TRIA team under the user TRIA_OS. It uses old Flood Escape 2 physics with different animations. It has 6 difficulties, and only 1 badge.


In-game Maps[]



Name Picture Description How to obtain Rarity (as of stated date)
Beta player
Played during the beta period Join a server in the game 27.4% (as of April 12, 2021)