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Monovoid is an ending map in Enszo's Timeline which is currently in development. The map succeds after Monoscape. Not much is currently known about it, other than using only purely black or white as the color pallet, and that it will use seamless teleporters.


You start inside a room with parts twisting around, then get teleported to the next room.

Proceed to do some basic jumps, hit a button and walk to the door.

Complete the basic jumps and hit the button, then enter a passage. Then, proceed through the new room.

Recently, a new leak was given by Enszo himself which included a huge room.

More info will be revealed after it's released.


  • Crimson Castle (as well as the Roblox outage) was the reason Monovoid has been delayed.
    • On his YouTube channel, Enszo posted a poll on his Community tab asking if he should make Monovoid first or the Dystopia revamp.
      • As of November 8th 2021, 65% of the people voted for the Dystopia revamp, which delays Monovoid once again.
  • Akin to Lost in Time, this map had an old name known as "Limbo".
  • Monovoid starts from Monoscape's 2nd ending, with the first ending being the start of The Grand Finale.
  • By the looks of it so far, it seems the map will have a lot of teleporters to make nice effects appear.
  • This map has very high contrast. making the textures look more rocky/distorted.
  • The map uses a lot of SelectionBoxes on parts to make the white outlines appear.
  • This map is gonna be big.
  • The map is confusing, since the teleporters sometimes make it look like there isn't supposed to be a room, since it is blocked off from the first wall.
  • The map uses the extended version of LeaF's Aleph-0.
  • This map will be added as soon as it is done to the main TRIA.os servers.
  • This map is one of the endings to the timeline.
  • This ending map is the second ending map to be created/converted. The first one being The Grand Finale.
  • The map is expected to release between January-February 2022.
  • There are multiple troll maps showing in the image a leak of the spawn, but then having a rickroll in the map itself.
  • This map might lag to some players cause of the amount of code/parts that are gonna be in the map.
  • There is a map that looks similar to Monovoid, which is CHAOSARABANDÆ.
    • There's a another map called Corrupted Void.

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