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Future Ruins is an Insane map that is the prequel of Dystopia and is the original/classic/pre revamp of Dark Future by Enszo and Zyil_z. It has 6 buttons and is played in TRIA.os.

The map starts in the end of Digitalized and it leads to a room with two buttons. If you press the second button a floated crate that is on fire will fall in the lava liquid after three to four seconds.

When you wait, a platform will fall, and you will go in a vent leading to the third button. It then leads to Dark Sci-Facility's spawn room, with a button at the dead end of a short corridor. Now begins the hardest part. The climb to Flood Escape 2's lobby. Many players may never pass it.

There are three buttons in the lobby. One in one room, one in another, and one on top of the old shop. It opens up the secret area of the map that has the final button in there. And if you survive, you will see a Flood Escape 3 poster with an image of the old version of Waving Facility.

Behind it, the start of Dystopia is seen.