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Focus is an Extreme map by Enszo. It has 10 buttons and can be played in both TRIA.os and FE2 Community Maps. Prepare to head to the Monochrome Time Layer.

Focus is the tenth map of Enszo's Timeline. This is it, for those of you who are skilled enough to head into the Monochrome Time Layer...


The first room is a bean-shaped room, with jumps, platforms and the first button. Press it and it will open a door.

Quickly speed through the cave like room, then head into the second room, only more detailed, where the second button is to lower a wall jump. Jump off it to get the third button, then up a funky truss to the third room, also known as the first tower.

It's a very tall and hard tower. Go through wall jumps, platforms, and other hazards that will test your skill to the max. Then go up a truss, and don't hit your head like a fool. Then there's 2 ways to get to that bridge piece: you can jump a second time off the truss into the bridge piece, or you can go to the top BEFORE going to the bridge, but beware that this will cost you over a half second...

Go up more trusses, then up a glass wedge up to the fourth button, then opens another bridge, then to the final truss, and watch out for the pillar in the middle of that tile, as it can easily block you.

And there you go! You're at the top!

The fourth room is a green core room with extremely quick lava, then go up the bottom onto the platforms, and into the fifth room.

The green room is no problem at all, but the fifth and sixth rooms must be done FAST. You will die to those rooms, if you're not fast enough. In the fifth room, go onto the first pipe, and cut corners if you can. In the sixth room, you might be better off running over the gap of the railing to the platform and the button, if you can. Then it opens a doorway to the seventh room, with boxes and a button, then swim up the vent shaft.

The eighth room is the very, very very tall and is the hardest part in the map. So make your way up the wall jumps, platforms and other obstacles, until you get to the start of the second half of the tower....

Two buttons are there, press them, and after that, the whole tower and map turns to monochrome, and you begin the second half. The last wall jumps and pretty high up, so jump up and maximize height.

Get the final button and make your way up the rest of the platforms toward victory.


Focus is the time layer research facility and gateway to time layers.[1]


  • This is the first map in the timeline to have a part that is monochrome.
  • Focus was considered the hardest map in the timeline, until Waving Facility's remake was completed.
  • Not only Enszo made the map, but he was helped by a few others.
  • Focus took place of Dystopian World (old version) of the timeline.
  • This was created in a series where Enszo recorded the map being made. However, Enszo ended up finishing the map without recording to finish it faster.
  • This map was originally inspired by the game Just Shapes and Beats, and used the song "Long Life the Fresh" but was changed later due to not fitting.
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