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Digitalization is an Extreme map by Enszo. It has 9 buttons and can be played in TRIA.os. This map, (and Digitalized) uses a mechanic where you jump on platforms you cannot see, shown by neon on the ground/wall. There's also red versions of this gimmick, that is a wall.


Begin the map in the end section of Time Machine, then press the first button, head through ghost platforms, and into the second room.

Beware of the barriers as Enszo changed the gameplay. Hit the next button, then head toward the missing textured lava on the sides. Wait until they leave enough room for you to jump on the next platform.

Head into the next room, press the third button, then make your way toward the tower.

The best thing to do for the fourth button is to press it with your arms. A truss will appear after a small delay, then head left or right, whatever it's your choice, then make your way to the beams, up the truss, and repeat, go left or right, then head up at the top of the tower.

Press the fifth and sixth buttons, then complete the ghost jump and pressing the seventh button to the final room: the second tower.

Make your way through until you're at the top.

Then press the ninth and tenth buttons, then walk across a bridge toward's the end of the map and the start of Digitalized.


  • This map mainly uses the secret room's texture from FE2.
  • Enszo changed a few of the gameplay in the second room to make sure you wait less time.
  • This map started a trend which is still currently active today (but it is not as big) where everyone in their maps would use ghost platforms.
  • This map has been turned into 2 different other maps: Harderlization & Easierlization on FE2. This one being the original.
  • The map has a secret at the spawn. Behind your back is a yellow roblox smile texture which is cancollide false. You can walk through it. There is a very small ghost platform and a bigger one. The lava there is rainbow as well. There are two more secret enterances inside the secret which lead to: FE2's shop & map creators room.

Enszo's Timeline
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