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Dark Neon is an Extreme map with 9 buttons and is added to the main TRIA.os servers.


You'll start in a slate room with green beams in the corners, and a door. You have to get through quickly or else it will close on you and you will die to lava. If you be quick, you will see a pipe platform and a box with no wall at all.

Lava will rise as you try to get through the obstacles.

You'll end up in the second room with a box and a platform next to it. And that's when you come across the first button of the map. You will sometimes fail because of the details on the walls. That's when you come across the first tower of the map, only one button exists in that tower.

You then come across the monochrome room. The third button exists on one of the pillars. The second tower is behind the door. This tower however needs a lot of speed and reflexes. One button exists there as well. After the tower comes a purple room with lava following you behind. Two buttons exist there. The door to the last tower is what people call "rigged" cause you have to wait while jumping and then go in at the right time. Otherwise you climb on top of it and die, unless you somehow save yourself. The last tower starts with a white cylinder platform and a peg in the middle that has lost some transperency. It has two existing buttons. It is the hardest part of the map. In the end when you survive the map, there is a image with text from Enszo that says "u have to learn how to use custom colors.". And going in the tunnel will lead you to the sequel of Dark Neon: "Aurelius".


  • Dark Neon actually is what is referred to as "if Focus would be made by Svilar".
  • The spawn is actually the teleport point to transporting stuff.